New Google Sheets: publishing a single worksheet to the web as CSV

With the switch to the new version of Google Sheets, the option to publish a specific worksheet and then access that as a CSV file has disappeared (hopefully just temporarily).

In the new Google Sheets, I managed to publish a worksheet as a CSV by piecing together answers from here and here.

This is how to do it:

  1. Share the Google Doc so anyone with the link can view (sadly this loses the granularity of only sharing specific sheets that used to exist in the old version).
  2. Publish the document (File > Publish to the Web) and look for the document ID in the URL
  3. Add that document ID into this URL in place of KEY:
  4. While editing your Google Doc, open the worksheet you want to export and look in the URL for the GID parameter
  5. Copy this GID parameter and append it to your URL: