Google Trends – Birthday

If your birthday is near to Christmas, you probably always thought that people were forgetting your special day – but here is proof that it really is true. You’re not imagining it and it’s not in your head. People are less interested in birthdays as Christmas approaches.

Thinking Seasonal, Thinking Cyclical

I’ve been playing with Google Trends tonight and it certainly throws up some interesting data. I’d recommend spending some time on it whenever you have to do some research.

It can very quickly make you aware of the cyclical nature and seasonality of the way people behave. It’s also great for confirming the long term trends of any search phrase.

On the whole I found that the results were as I would expect but its nice to be able to prove a behavioural pattern that prior to this tool would just be intuition.

The time of year really does affect peoples behaviour.

I will post some screen-shots of results that caught my attention.

Before you fake your own death – try a simple business plan

UK news has been covering this story a lot recently – The man who faked his own death and the story involving a canoe.

What I cannot get my head around is the financial motivation for doing this…

Anne Darwin appeared at Hartlepool magistrates accused of dishonestly obtaining sums of £25,000 and £137,000.

So they made £162,000 between 2 people over 5 years. In the context of what they went through to get this money, that’s really not a lot!

They would have earnt the same amount if they each had jobs paying salaries of £16,200 per year.

With a job description like this, I think I would want to earn more than £16,200 per year:

  • letting your family think you are dead
  • not being able to use your own name
  • having to live a secret life forever more
  • having to lie to get a passport
  • losing your favourite canoe
  • getting arrested or living as a fugitive
  • being disowned by your family if you get caught
  • losing the ability to ever get another job and earn more money once this lump sum has run out

Is it really that appealing for the sake of earning £16,200 per year for 5 years max? Wouldn’t you rather stack shelves at you local supermarket?

So, the next time you think you have a foolproof plan to earn £150k ask yourself, in the same period of time could I earn the same amount of money in a regular job? Is the hassle really worth it in the end?