Thinking Seasonal, Thinking Cyclical

I’ve been playing with Google Trends tonight and it certainly throws up some interesting data. I’d recommend spending some time on it whenever you have to do some research.

It can very quickly make you aware of the cyclical nature and seasonality of the way people behave. It’s also great for confirming the long term trends of any search phrase.

Before you fake your own death – try a simple business plan

UK news has been covering this story a lot recently – The man who faked his own death and the story involving a canoe.

What I cannot get my head around is the financial motivation for doing this…

Anne Darwin appeared at Hartlepool magistrates accused of dishonestly obtaining sums of £25,000 and £137,000.

So they made £162,000 between 2 people over 5 years. In the context of what they went through to get this money…