is brilliant but today I saw something scary.

I’ve been listening to a lot recently. I’ve discovered some great new bands and spent many hours reminiscing over the tracks that got me energetically through my teenage years. If you don’t know it already, is bascially a social networking site that revolves around listening to and discovering new music. You should check… Continue reading is brilliant but today I saw something scary.

Pinning an idea to a page

Ideas start in your head. Ideas are fluid, shape-shifting and often delicate things. If you nudge them the wrong way they can be lost forever. If you leave them in your head, they will grow, shrink, distort, morph and transform. Sometimes they will develop and evolve, sometimes they will get cloudy, sometimes they will shrink and whither.

When you document an idea, you pin-down (or pen down) that shape-shifting form. Every word that you write, takes a corner or strand of the idea and…

Google Trends – Bored, Ideas

It seems we’re bored of Christmas, or we get particularly bored just before Christmas.

We are also on the lookout for new ideas just before our period of being bored…

Google Trends – Birthday

If your birthday is near to Christmas, you probably always thought that people were forgetting your special day – but here is proof that it really is true…