Log in vs. sign in

Link: Log in vs. sign in A handy reference for a mildly debated but rarely answered question. Should the button say log in, or sign in?

What’s your Openness Policy?

Another snippet of an idea from Cognitive Surplus that I’d like to share. Most websites are good are stating their privacy policy (usually a link in the website footer), but very few have an (open and public) openness policy. Our world could do with a bit more openness.

Punk rock (self) publishing

Digging through Google Reader this evening I found a mention of Open Site Explorer (posting link here for my own reference). Did a quick search to see who was linking to Bibliofaction and found an old article titled: This is Why Self-Publishing isn’t Taken Seriously. I was worried I’d find a critique of what we’re trying to… Continue reading Punk rock (self) publishing

Creating something personal

Creating something personal, even of moderate quality, has a different kind of appeal than consuming something made by others, even something of high quality. Clay Shirky – Cognitive Surplus

Working from home and getting things done

I’m not sure if my recent productivity while working from home is due to the quietness making it easier to concentrate, or the fact that I still make a full cafetière even though I’m the only one here to drink it. Buzz.

Paper bears and thanks to Joseph Wu

Just wanted to say a public thanks to Joseph Wu for putting together this how-to video for WWF. http://www.wwf.org.uk/paperbear Spectacled Bear from Joseph Wu on Vimeo.