A ‘free’ online learning experience

I’ve blogged about various experiences of online learning I’ve taken part in over the years and wanted to reflect on the most recent one. Coursera’s three week Introduction to Ableton Live. Learning more about learning is one of my personal goals this year. And I find writing out loud to be useful tool in thinking.… Continue reading A ‘free’ online learning experience

Remembering maps from memory

Today, I found this awesome post on Uncertain Cartographies (via Flowing Data), and it immediately took me back to something I made when I was in college and studying fine art. So check out that link first, as this post will make more sense in relation to it, and it’s pretty fascinating anyway. Then I’ll… Continue reading Remembering maps from memory

Why removing evolution from science textbooks might not really matter

This needs more thought, but writing this has helped me to join up a few ideas I was stewing over with my coffee yesterday morning while my son was napping. So I’ll publish this as is, and your thoughts are welcome. While it’s useful to teach the fundamentals of physics, chemistry and biology in schools,… Continue reading Why removing evolution from science textbooks might not really matter

On the upcyling fallacy

Turning needless waste into needless trinkets is not going to save anyone or anything. Every distraction is a hindrance when you’re running out of time, and cashing in on someone else’s waste stream while building a business dependent on that waste stream is counterproductive in the extreme. We must close the loop; not extend the… Continue reading On the upcyling fallacy

On 3D printing, and a world unready

With the recent release of the Makerbot Replicator 2, 3D printing tipped into the real world. It moved from a¬†conceptual¬†idea that geeks and tinkerers would try and explain to their doubtful loved ones into something you can have delivered to your door in a matter of working days. It changes everything, and I think the… Continue reading On 3D printing, and a world unready

On the Son of Moore’s Law

Another reflection on an essay from The Devil’s Chaplain. If Dawkins’ extrapolation of Moore’s Law and it’s application to the speed at which we can read and process genetic information by 2050 is combined with parallel advances in other fields of technology like drones and self powered vehicles alongside the 3D mapping of forests already… Continue reading On the Son of Moore’s Law