On appropriate design for an appropriate budget

I’ve just launched a simple website for a friend, and in part it was a pleasure to work on because we weren’t trying to re-invent the wheel. All it needed was clean and clear communication and the functionality for her to maintain the site herself. Only a few years ago, this would have been a… Continue reading On appropriate design for an appropriate budget

On ‘The Fun Theory’ and Pseudoscience

I’ve had this video sent to me three times this week, which was enough to prompt a reply that I’ll share with you. On a very basic level, this video is nice. To disrupt the mundane with something that makes people smile is great, but that’s where the good in this video stops. If that… Continue reading On ‘The Fun Theory’ and Pseudoscience

On ‘We, the Web Kids’

I thoroughly enjoyed reading We, the Web Kids, and could probably have picked a quote from any paragraph to highlight it’s quality. But I’ve picked one in particular as it connects with one of the themes I’ve been writing around here for the last couple of weeks. That is: paying the artist. Like Piotr, I’m… Continue reading On ‘We, the Web Kids’

Bibliofaction will go dark tomorrow

Bibliofaction will be on strike tomorrow, in support of all the websites standing up against SOPA. See the web goes on strike for more info.

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