I’m Adam. You can learn quite a bit about who I am by reading this blog. Like most things on the web it’s a kind of  lens. It’s definitely not a biography.

I work for the Mozilla Foundation, as Metrics Lead.

About this blog and I

This is not a blog about keeping chickens, growing vegetables, carving spoons, making music, baking bread, reading books or many other things I happen to like.

So, while sometimes I might not be able to stop myself posting photos of random junk, on the whole this blog is about online things: data, fundraising, optimizing, testing, thinking, programming, campaigning, learning, sharing, improving and so on. But you can probably work out that out from the things I post anyway.

If the things I post here look like my blog is about something else, that’s probably what my blog is actually about.

Top posts is a good place to start, but really it’s best you don’t read any of it. Because plausible deniability.

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