Week 3: One thing to rule them all

Seeing how useful it is when my colleagues blog about work, I’m encouraged to do more of the same. So here’s an update from week three at the Mozilla Foundation.

I’m caveating this post with a big *this is week three*, as this is a collection of current thoughts rather than any conclusions. The things I’ve been digesting in the last three weeks are things the Foundation have been thinking about for some time, and that by their nature are tricky to pin down (i.e. quantifying interactions with people in a meaningful way).

So this is an overview of what I’ve been doing so far, and what I think I will be doing overall (using diagrams to help)…

If this is all of ‘Metrics’ at the Mozilla Foundation:

Simple, so far :)
Simple, so far 🙂

It covers a range of projects, teams and programs:

This is oversimplified, and you could cut it other ways, but it will do for this purpose.
This is oversimplified, and you could cut it other ways, but it will do for this purpose.

Across those areas, there are metrics at multiple levels, something like this:

Metrics Diagram 3
* h/t

On top of all this is the ‘one metric that matters’, that has the lofty goal of bringing all the strands together:

Metrics Diagram 4
With ‘contributors’ being the one metric that matters to us

If that diagram above is the overall scope, these dots added below show you where I’ve been spending my time so far:

Metrics Diagram 5

I’ve mostly been talking to people across the teams about the OMTM, gathering a bit of feedback on what people want to track across the whole of this scope, and I spent a couple of hours on some specific tracking methods that can be added to one bit of the Webmaker toolset. That’s the lonely dot in the bottom left. 😉

The Webmaker workweek in a weeks time will look more like this:

Metrics Diagram 6

And much of that will spill across to other projects.

So, in the long run, this should be a balanced distribution of work across the board but prioritized to work with the numbers that best feed into the one metric at the top.

I’ll write more about the OMTM in another post as this is getting long, and my train journey is coming to an end in a minute.