Forward this immediately to your CEO

One of the things that has always amused me about running Bibliofaction, is that having a half professional looking website leads people to believe there is a huge corporation ticking away behind the scenes making things work.

We’ve received loads of lovely and grateful emails for the services we provide, but the angry ones are usually the funniest. I love the emails that start with “This email is very important and I demand you forward it immediately to your CEO!”. Those emails go straight in the bin. Life is too short to service the egos of people with no manners. 

The lovely emails from nice people are flagged in my inbox as something I really want to respond to. Sadly, I don’t get enough time to do this and checking my email usually leaves me feeling very guilty as the list of unanswered questions grows. 

Maybe we need to make it clearer on the website that Bibliofaction is just me and Andy trying to contribute something to the creative world. I’ll definitely be looking at a more public facing Q&A for supporting the community in the future but there is a lot else we need to do first.