The People Formerly Known as the Audience

I’m working my way through Clay Shirky’s Cognitive Surplus at the moment. That’s the book, rather than his free time and mental capacity.

He’s quoted this phrase from a colleague, but I love the title The People Formerly Known as the Audience. We talk about audiences a lot in marketing, and we’ll probably need to stop that soon.

The evolution of The People Formerly Known as the Audience may well be the biggest change in the way society works in my lifetime.

I’ve not yet decided for myself if this change is simply us enabling our distributed networks to behave more like pre-media societies. ie, returning to some kind of natural social equilibrium that has been upset in recent years by the one-way media model. Or, whether it’s another step forward into some as yet unknown social structure.

For now, just be pleased that you can contribute.

You must create.