Digital Spring Clean

I’m pleased to say Bibliofaction has a new team taking it over, so the site will begin to get the love we’ve been denying it. I have some admin and bits to do for this though.

I’m employed in a full-time role again, so I’ve been updating my various profiles around the interwebz, removing “I’m a freelancer” messages and so on.

This blog has been quiet as I’ve been moving house, country, job and so on. It will be quietish here for a while I suspect.

I’ve not been working on many of the projects I’ve been talking about on this blog, but have been stewing over some other creative ideas; ideally things that don’t require constant maintenance but allow for some interesting learning opportunities.

Another Coursera course is taunting me, I signed up a while back and it kicked-off today. It will be hard to ignore a chance to play with and some creative musical driven programming experiments. We’ll see.