Web design in a few years time

Link: Web design in a few years time

The more I learn about CSS3, the less I think that photoshop and the ‘design stage’ of current web design practices will be at all relevant in just a few years time. I think that within a year I’ll have stopped using photoshop on any project I was developing for myself. And for work that other people need to review, new practices will to evolve to cope with that. But it’s enough of a change for me to think that it’s not worth upgrading my own copy of photoshop any more. Design will happen in the browser, and for basic photo adjustments, it’s amazing how much you can¬†achieve¬†with something as simple as picassa.

This change is a challenge to everyone who works in web design and I suspect it will leave a few designers, developers and other webbies in limbo.

P.s. The title (and corresponding link) are not to suggest that CSS3 is not valid right now. Only that working processes will take a little time to catch up with this opportunity.