Done by When (beta) is live

So, I just about scraped in inside my (second) deadline.

Done by When is live. Though very much in beta.

  • Never go live on a Friday: Fail
  • Ship early: Succeed
  • Ship often: To be seen
In building this to-do list app I’ve learnt a few new things:

All of which I can highly recommend.

There’s loads more to do. It’s still un-branded for a start and the responsive stylesheets need tidying up, but the basic service offered if fully functional and I think it brings something new to the to-do list marketplace.

Please let me know what you think.


  1. Hi Adam,

    Excellent work! It came at such a time in need for me. I’m keen to make it my time management buddy! Love the name too!

    At this stage, I havent figured out if you can delete old tasks. I was was playing with it last nite and opted for ‘generate some tasks’ and now I’m stuck with your cool placeholder examples. Just a little thought. 🙂

    Hope to be in touch again!

    1. Got my answer to my q. check done and then that disappearing button. 🙂
      Was wondering why you capped the time a task would take at 8 hrs? Is it for people to break down a bigger task into smaller ones if it’s more complex than 8hrs?

  2. Hey Oana,

    Thanks for the kind words and glad you found that delete button.

    RE: 8 hours. I was trying to keep the time estimates simple, as I know personally that makes it easier to pick something reasonable, but I’m expecting those settings will be too restrictive for some people. And yes, the idea is that anything bigger than 8 hours probably needs breaking down into smaller tasks too, but I should explain that better on the page.

    I hope it continues being useful, and there will be team functionality going live soon too.

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