On cheap plastic disposable Union Jacks

This is not a comment on the queen, the monarchy, or even the jubilee celebrations, but it’s something I observed during the recent weekend of national festivity.

Nearly all the flags I saw being waved were disposable; cheap plastic throwaway items destined for landfill. These flags, like the oil from which they are derived weren’t even made in the country they claim to support.

I think this is an important indicator of the society living in Britain today. And that’s deliberately the ‘society living in Britain’ rather than ‘British Society’ as I don’t think this behaviour is unique to this country at all.

Regardless of my views on flags themselves, it would have sent a very different message if people had spent a few extra pounds on something of quality construction. Something that supported the British textiles industry. Something they could treasure and re-use. Something they could pass onto future generations.

Maybe these people really are blind to the built in obsolescence our retailers love to cash-in on. Or maybe it’s a subconscious representation about how patriotic they really feel.

Whether consciously, or unconsciously, the purchase of these cheap disposable flags says a lot about patriotism today.

Whether that’s a good thing or bad thing is another matter altogether.