Overlapping types of contribution

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 14.02.27TL;DR: Check out this graph!

Ever wondered how many Mozfest Volunteers also host events for Webmaker? Or how many code contributors have a Webmaker contributor badge? Now you can find out

The reason the MoFo Contributor dashboard we’re working from at the moment is called our interim dashboard is because it’s combining numbers from multiple data sources, but the number of contributors is not de-duped across systems.

So if you’re counted as a contributor because you host an event for Webmaker, you will be double counted if you also file bugs in Bugzilla. And until now, we haven’t known what those overlaps look like.

This interim solution wasn’t perfect, but it’s given us something to work with while we’re building out Baloo and the cross-org areweamillionyet.org (and by ‘we’, the vast credit for Baloo is due to our hard working MoCo friends Pierros and Sheeri).

To help with prepping MoFo data for inclusion in Baloo, and by  generally being awesome, JP wired up an integration database for our MoFo projects (skipping a night of sleep to ship V1!).

We’ve tweaked and tuned this in the last few weeks and we’re now extracting all sorts of useful insights we didn’t have before. For example, this integration database is behind quite a few of the stats in OpenMatt’s recent Webmaker update.

The downside to this is we will soon have a de-duped number for our dashboard, which will be smaller than the current number. Which will feel like a bit of a downer because we’ve been enthusiastically watching that number go up as we’ve built out contribution tracking systems throughout the year.

But, a smaller more accurate number is a good thing in the long run, and we will also gain new understanding about the multiple ways people contribute over time.

We will be able to see how people move around the project, and find that what looks like someone ‘stopping’ contributing, might be them switching focus to another team, for example. There are lots of exciting possibilities here.

And while I’m looking at this from a metrics point of view today, the same data allows us to make sure we say hello and thanks to any new contributors who joined this week, or to reach out and talk to long running active contributors who have recently stopped, and so on.


  1. This is great, Adam. Seems like this will allow us to single out our *most* active contributors, paving the way for more systematic ways to celebrate and recognize them. We should start scoping out what that would look like for a future sprint.

    1. Yes, there are lots of exciting opportunities in this data beyond the initial ‘counting’ part.

      And the same opportunities will exist ‘project-wide’ via Baloo (e.g. Reps >> Webmaker >> SUMO >> OpenNews).

      I also forgot to point out in this post that this is a measure of overlap as it exists *today*. Which isn’t just a reflection of our contributors behavior, but also a measure of how well connected our systems are and what the pathways between them are, and so on…

      We have to speculate for now whether people mostly want to contribute in just one way, or if they don’t know about the options available.

      And while we should look at what this tells us about today, we should also ask how we’d like to see this change. (e.g. how do we get mozfest contributors involved in other ways throughout the year?)

  2. This is great information to have. I’ll be really interested to see how much of the apparent churn we’re seeing is people moving to other parts of the project that we don’t have data for yet. Having this sort of overlap chart for all of Mozilla seems like a powerful tool to have.

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