Contributors counting… contributors?

We now have a reasonably organized Mozilla Foundation Metrics Wiki Hub Page Thing.

While my priority to date this year has been working out how MoFo teams count their contributors, I thought I should also take the time to open up this metrics work in a way that contributors can get involved, if that’s what takes their fancy. After all, contributor metrics are only as good as the systems they help us improve, and in turn the contributors they help us empower. 🙂

As with many good things in the world of open source, this includes a mailing list.

So here’s by blurb if you’d consider signing up:

The mofo-metrics mailing list:

“An open community mailing list for volunteers and staff interested in Mozilla Foundation Metrics. What are the numbers, graphs and other data points that can help the Mozilla Foundation to better promote openness, innovation and participation on the Internet? Sign up and help us answer that question.”

I’m not 100% sure what contribution will look like in metrics-land, but I’m happy find out and to try and make this work.