Back in the open – priorities this week

The arrow is sort-of pointing to the Mozilla SF office
The arrow is sort-of pointing to the Mozilla SF office

I’m returning to the regular tasks today after a couple of weeks out of routine; one week at Mozilla Foundation’s ‘All-hands’ meeting, and one week away from the screen spending quality time with my family.

I will try and get back to the regular blogging that that I was doing at the beginning of the year, and will be working on ‘working open’ this week in particular. Even if it’s shorter posts like this one.

Priorities as I get started today:

  • Wiring up the last data sources for our interim contributor dashboard solution
  • Working with Mozilla Corporation counterparts to see what we can share and re-purpose from our interim dashboard for wider Mozilla use
    • Starting with opening up the ad-hoc logger for MoCo use
  • Getting some key tracking in place ahead of the Maker Party campaign for a conversion rate goal we set at all hands
  • Working on a test install of Metrics Grimoire for MoFo, that could be expanded to Mozilla in general
  • Moving much more of my workflow into Bugzilla (from 10% to something more like 90%)

Plus replying to a couple of weeks worth of emails, and the tasks lurking within them 😉

Here’s to a productive week.


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  1. I could also throw up a big integration db for you and start working on scripts to get data and sensible indexes in.

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