Pixel Art Impressionism for Threadless

Just a little design for this Threadless competition. Please vote if you can spare a minute. Impixelism    

On the joy of (self-imposed) impossible deadlines – AKA Magic Deadlines

Last year I wrote a novel. Admittedly, a novel I haven’t yet been able to bring myself to re-read for fear of what I may have written, but I wrote a novel all the same. And I managed to do it because of a deadline. It was an impossible deadline by all accounts of common sense, but impossible is a challenge worth living up to. The goal was to write a novel (50k+ words) in a month, without putting my life on hold or taking any time off work. I’m still not sure how, but I did it. And I wasn’t the only one to do this, I shared this month of madness with 256,618 people around the world who signed up for the same challenge; and that was part of the fun. To give this some context, I co-founded … Continue reading »

On avoiding advertising (on TV)

I like that people try to avoid watching ads while they watch TV, but it’s probably not effective, and definitely not sustainable. On effectiveness For years TV stations have increased the volume during ad breaks so you still hear them when you leave the room to make a cup of tea. Now they face the challenge of people recording TV with the option to fast-forward through the ads at a later date. You’d think this would worry advertisers and in turn the broadcasters, but this quote from Sky shows the consideration they have already given this: “When people are fast forwarding, they are actually paying closer attention because they want to ensure they do not miss the resumption of the TV show.” Which explains their calmness pretty clearly. I should note that I’ve copied that quote from the Daily Mail … Continue reading »

Business vs. Charity

Andy and I have been reviewing our last 5 years or so working on Bibliofaction and we’re thinking about what shape the site will take going forward. Lots to consider – no decisions made yet.  If I review the site as a business (which in legal terms it is), it’s an embarrassing failure. But, as a social enterprise designed to encourage creativity and the arts, then I’d like say it’s going really well. I’d rather be a patron than an investor anyway.