On the Son of Moore’s Law

Another reflection on an essay from The Devil’s Chaplain. If Dawkins’ extrapolation of

A quote from End of an Era

This is just a quote I wanted to make note of: “We have used our unprecedented freedoms, secured at such cost by our forebears, not to agitate for justice, for redistribution, for the defence of our common interests, but to pursue the dopamine hits triggered by the purchase of products we do not need. The world’s most inventive minds are deployed not to improve the lot of humankind but to devise ever more effective means of stimulation, to counteract the diminishing satisfactions of consumption. The mutual dependencies of consumer capitalism ensure that we all unwittingly conspire in the trashing of what may be the only living planet. The failure at Rio de Janeiro belongs to us all.” – George Mobiot, End of an Era

On disingenuous acts of kindness

There’s little point getting all poetic about our wonderful planet if the only time you appear to do anything whatsoever to care for it is when you want to save a few pounds at your customer’s discretion. Replace “Earth” with “bottom line”, and “environmental” with “financial” and this would be somewhat closer to the truth.